Grow Virtual


All of our team members will have had a background in the field you need. We go through a very thorough vetting and qualification process to ensure the most seamless experience. They will be available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

One of our account managers will be there to help make sure the onboarding process is as quick as possible and they are there to build a strong long term relationship with both you and your team. Feel free to delegate any task that is taking away your time and therefore your money.

Like any new employee, the more familiar they are with you and your systems the more they will be able to support you in the most efficient way.

They will be working in a well equipped office space, with state of the art office equipment and will receive vacation pay and benefits. Our main offices are based in Miami and Houston making it easy to adapt to any time zone.

All of our assistants are based in Central America. Most have either lived or studied in the U.S.

You’ll learn how to create stunning, feature-rich websites by following my proven system, using two of the world’s most popular web builder tools, WordPress and Elementor.

As well as teaching you how to create client-wowing websites, I’ll also let you in on my secrets to servicing clients like a pro, ensuring you deliver 5-star-review-worthy results, every single time.

Thanks, that answered my question. I want to become a ‘No coding’ web designer!

Your new assistant works in an office with many security advantages:

Each assistant is carefully screened and must pass a background check.

  • We hold a very strict and penalized NDA assuring that noone will ever share information with anyone.
  • No one outside of our office has access to any information (files, documents, emails, contacts, etc.).
  • We work with security software to prevent spyware or computer viruses. Our office does not store any important information on our computers. Instead, confidential information is stored in our secure network.
  • Any printed materials are shredded before being sent for recycling.
  • For extra security, we also suggest sharing passwords with our assistants through programs like LastPass.

Yes, we do! If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel anytime and we have a two-week money-back guarantee

We will do our best to arrange your assistant’s workload to make sure they are available for you. However, this is not a guarantee since our assistants are in very high demand. Please check with us as it is a case-by-case basis.

No. Your monthly fee covers scanning, emailing, data input, etc., and unlimited calls throughout the US and Canada with the part-time and full-time packages. If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at

If time tracking is a concern we suggest signing up for an Everhour account. We send you weekly reports with all of the activities your assistant has worked on and what tasks are pending.

Absolutely! We can provide a resume at your request. Additionally, you are more than welcome to talk to your new assistant before you hire them.


Your new team member will have finished college and will have a background in whatever industry you have requested.

No. Your monthly fee covers the employee’s salary, benefits, vacation time, bonuses, office space and equipment. It includes scanning, emailing, data input, etc., and unlimited calls throughout the US and Canada.


Yes, each client is assigned one fully bilingual English/Spanish virtual assistant, hand-picked from a pool of reliable, trustworthy, and experienced professionals.

If your virtual assistant is on vacation or sick, his/her supervisor will be there to assist you.