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Prospecting on Demand

Prospecting on Demand (POD) is a coaching program that helps agency owners build “infinitely Scalable Agencies”. POD is led by Alex Schlinsky, a world class coach and marketing expert.


We started working with POD in 2018 and a few of their challenges were growing in online visibility and creating an online community to establish authority and trust.


POD faced the challenge of a disengaged and inactive Facebook group, which was critical in establishing a strong community to support the sale of their coaching program. To address this, we embarked on a journey of building a new Facebook group from scratch, capitalizing on Alex’s personal profile. Through strategic implementation and monitoring, we successfully grew the group from 0 to an impressive 2,000 members within the first 3 months. This achievement was made possible by employing a range of key strategies that ensured steady growth and engagement.

  • Outreach to other group owners for lives in their groups with Alex
  • Posting in other FB groups and bringing value to their members
  • Activate Instagram and doing daily stories
  • Repurpose podcast content to all other social media platforms


As a direct outcome of the group’s remarkable growth and regular, impactful posts, Alex experienced a significant boost in establishing his authority within the industry. This newfound authority not only empowered him to develop innovative and high-value programs but also facilitated the expansion of his team.