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Invisalign International Speaker
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram
Dr. Echeverria had been a prominent and one of the most successful doctors in his specialty during past years. He wanted to elevate his visibility to become an international speaker for Invisalign and at the same time stay relevant with the new generations. With his patients being active on social media he needed to find a way to stay relevant not only among them but also with parents from younger generations with whom he had no connection.
  • Medical community
  • Parents, specially moms
  • Kids- he needed to be seen as a likable character
Dr. Echeverria faced the challenge of connecting with younger generations without compromising his authentic personality and established brand. In addition, he sought to establish his authority in his field and extend his influence to Latin America.


Step 1- connection

Targeting Moms as a significant segment of his audience, we strategically curated a blend of engaging content that would deeply resonate with parents. Our approach involved not only providing practical tips, but also sharing captivating stories. To further enhance his connection with this audience, we showcased Dr. Echeverria’s personal touch by featuring weekend recipes he enjoyed alongside his wife. This allowed us to introduce a relatable and approachable aspect to his brand.
In our efforts to present a more amiable image, we transformed Dr. Echeverria’s persona into a likable character. Leveraging the popularity of local influencers who were already his patients, we demonstrated to potential patients the enjoyment of being a part of his community. By sharing behind-the-scenes moments of the doctor and his patients celebrating soccer game outcomes and taking part in popular trends, we fostered a sense of camaraderie and fun within the community.
Medical community
To capture the attention of doctors across Latin America, we developed diverse forms of content that highlighted prominent cases. This approach aimed to effectively pique the interest of medical professionals within the region and encourage their engagement.
With our strategic approach, Dr. Echeverria experienced an impressive growth in his following, surpassing previous benchmarks by 10 times within a year. Notably, his followers consistently demonstrated high levels of engagement and eagerly anticipated his upcoming posts.
By successfully bridging the generational divide between Dr. Echeverria and younger parents, we ensured his continued relevance and prominence in the market. As a result, he solidified his position and maintained a robust patient base even amidst the challenges posed by COVID lockdowns.